Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hiatus Mailer

Tony of Off Hiatus hooked me up with a return mailer of some Tigers


A&G Back!

also a nice Topps mini Max Scherzer relic, more fitting as he is most likely going to be in a grey jersey next time he is in Detroit.

Hot Corner, Pat

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Off The Mark: Brien Taylor

In the midst of sorting through those "Big Box of Baseball Cards" from my LCS, I came across this card.

"Hey, Cool! I remember Brien Taylor, next big thing, number 1 draft pick in 1991....bust"

Basically was the best prospect in baseball, got in a fight in North Carolina, jacked up his shoulder, out of baseball by 1995.  Just imagine Andy Pettite as the second best lefty in the Yankee Dynasty years.  Maybe that is a tad aggressive, but worth a "What If?"

At least worth a trip to my childhood boxes to see what I had, if any.  Two more.

So, speaking of aggressive, I decided I was going to "off the mark" and acquire all of the Brien Taylor cards I could.  Only 75 in total, that I could find listed  on

Quick, who had the best career here: Lindros, Maryland, Johnson or Taylor?

Here is just a sampling.  More on their way!

I did buy a 100 card lot with dupes, if you are interested in some of these.

Hot Corner, Pat