Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Best Thing Since?

I've seen all the testimonials of and I have about run my course with eBay, so I swung over and filled up a cart.  I must say it is the selection to build my team sets and Tigers wants and needs are quite impressive!

 Trying to get over 300 Trammell's this year, about 50 to go.

I believe this finishes off my 2009 team set, meaning I have all Tigers sets from 1976 to 2014, yikes! Working my way backward.

Keep it Hot on the Corner, Pat

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Toughest Job in Sports

Yahoo Sports is doing a series on the Toughest jobs in sports, today it's a Card Shop Owner

Here is the link 

Pretty much states the obvious for the hobby.  I gave up in 1994 due to the strike and found other things to bide my time.  Junk wax disenchanted people and the high end, white whale stuff is shutting them out.

Keep collecting!


Keep it Hot on the Corner, Pat.